Nail art ideas ☆

Hey! So today's post won't include a lot of writing, and will mainly consist of photos. This is just because it's a little different and I'm not particularly in the mood to write a lot today. Nethertheless, I hope you enjoy today's post! So today I thought I'd share a range of different nail art … Continue reading Nail art ideas ☆


Testing Primark Blue Hair Spray

Hey!! So today I'm going to be showing you my review and first impression of the Primark '2 in 1 colour + glitter hair spray' in 'blue bedazzle'. I tried this on my hair on Wednesday and I took a few photos and actually filmed a video on in (which I'll link at the bottom), … Continue reading Testing Primark Blue Hair Spray

10 Items On My Wish List 

Hey Guys! Sorry there was no post last weekend, it's because on Saturday I was in London meeting the YouTuber Oli White, and on Sunday I was once again in London at the ideal home exhibition. Today's post was going to be about meeting Oli, but I actually vlogged it: Meeting Oli White + Oxford Street … Continue reading 10 Items On My Wish List 


£20 Makeup Challenge

Hey! So today I thought I'd do something a little different and was actually so so fun- the £20 Makeup Challenge. I had most of the makeup included beforehand, and so I've used it and know what it's like so I added up all the prices and it came to £19.95. Everything used is drugstores … Continue reading £20 Makeup Challenge


10 all time favourites

Hello everyone! Today's post is kinda exciting as it's a collab with one of my bestest friends Kimberley! She's previously had blogs, but last week she started over and I already know that her posts will be amazing. Her blog is https://lifeaskimx.wordpress.comand she also has a YouTube channel which is amazing, and it would mean … Continue reading 10 all time favourites


What I got for Christmas 2016

Hey Everyone! This is my first post so welcome. I'm Katie & I hope you've had a great Christmas and enjoy the new year ✨ I'm going to be going through what I got for Christmas this year as I honestly loved everything and I'm super grateful 😌 I've got a Boxing Day Haul coming … Continue reading What I got for Christmas 2016