Tips On Starting A Blog + YouTube Channel!

Hey Guys! I just wanted to say that I am so so sorry for the lack of post recently, i’ve been so out of touch with my blog, but now I am so excited to start blogging again, and I hope you stick around! 

If you didn’t already know, I have a YouTube Channel, it’s not very big (currently at 65 subscribers) but i’ve had it since April and i’ve really been enjoying making videos. A few of you may be considering starting a YouTube Channel or blog so I thought I’d give you some tips to hopefully help!

Starting with blogging:

1) You’ve got to want to write. This is an obvious one and may sound stupid, but if you’re not enjoying it and aren’t passionate about it then soon you won’t be constant and it’ll slowly stop. Blogging isn’t for everyone (I personally really love it!) so maybe try it out and see if it’s for you first, before committing to a schedule.

2) Be Original. In my opinion this comes with everything you do, why try and be someone else when it’s a whole lot more interesting when you’re you and people are more likely to stay if they like your style. For example, why try and be Zoella, when in reality, you’re probably not going to gain as big of a following as people who like her posts and videos would rather watch her than a copy. Obviously it’s okay to take inspiration from others, but one of the most frustrating thing can be when you’ve worked hard on something and it’s unique, and then someone just takes the idea. There’s so many bloggers nowadays, and if you want to stand out, you’ve got to try and be different and hopefully people will love it! It may take a while for you to discover your complete personality, but when you do it’s so much more laid back and enjoyable!

3) The design side. This includes the layout of your blog, photos included in your blog and so on. If your blog is visually appealing, then it’s more enjoyable to look through and make sure it’s easy to use as well, otherwise people’ll get confused and may not  be able to access your posts. Depending on your readers, create a layout which will appeal to them and attract others of a similar age range. Sometimes keeping it simple, yet still pretty may be super effective. I personally take all pictures on my blog myself (unless stated) so if you have a love for photography, this could be a good way to incorporate it into another hobby.

4) Don’t give up! You probably hear this a lot and it’s honestly so so true. With both a blog and youtube channel it may not start of as successful as you wished, but if you give up there, then your blog and/or channel will obviously not continue to grow. I’ve already considered stopping both my channel and blog (I honestly thought it was over when I had this little break) but then I remembered my love for filming and writing and it reminded me of why I started-as I enjoy it. It’s easy to get caught up with all the statistics and dream about one day being as successful as all the well known youtubers and bloggers, but numbers isn’t everything. It’d honestly be a dream to have countless people loving what I create, and I’d absolutely love to interact with people who read or watch my content, but I personally don’t think that’ll happen to me. What i’m trying to say is, if you’re enjoying it, then keep going! You never know where this journey could take you.

5) Don’t let success change you. If you do gain a large following then make sure you don’t let it negatively change you as a person. If you end up being well known, then expect a lot more people wanting to be friends and not all for genuine reasons. Wow I sound like a mum saying this (i’m only 14 ahah), but remember who’s stuck by you through it all and remember to thank everyone who’s helped you along the way. (Also, please do meet ups if your audience want them ahah, as a fangirl myself, meeting my idols is literally the best thing ever!).

Now onto some things slightly more related to starting a Channel:

6) Your Content. If you’re making a video which isn’t that interesting to your viewers and probably won’t appeal to new viewers, then your channel may not grow as much as you wish. I’d recommend making videos that you enjoy watching, but maybe coming up with original ideas as well may be good as if it’s unique and entertaining, lots of people will be interested in the video. If you’re not happy with the videos that you’re making, then change them up a bit.

7) BE YOU! This top is said a lot, but it’s so so important! Most the time the reason that I watch a video is because I like the YouTuber’s personality and therefore all their videos are enjoyable for me. If you don’t let your personality show through your videos, then they could get quite boring and you won’t stand out. As you continue making videos, you’ll find it easier and easier to be you, and when you finally can, its sooo much more chilled out and great!

8) One final tip is to not let anyone stop you if you’re enjoying it! One person from my school knows about this blog and 4 people from school know about my channel. I’m happy with it that way although it would be lovely to be completely open about it, but that probably won’t happen. If you do choose to tell everyone about your channel/blog or they find out somehow, then don’t let anything bad which they might say stop you. If you enjoy something and you’re not upsetting anyone by doing it, then continue! Some like football, singing, reading, swimming, etc. and your hobby could be writing blog posts and/or making youtube videos. People make out that it’s such a weird thing to do, when in reality, it’s just another hobby which loads of people have. If you receive any hate online then literally just ignore it. My favourite youtuber carmie sellitto (touchdalight) has influenced me to feel this way and it’s so more relaxed. These people don’t know you and have probably never met you, so they’re completely irrelevant.

So there are my tips! I’m not at all a professional at blogging or making videos, but even if i’ve helped one person, then that’s amazing! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, get ready for more consistent posts! Have a great day,

BYE!! Xx


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