Vegetarian Q&A

Hey Guys! So the Wednesday that just passed (the 26th) marked my one year being vegetarian, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to answer some questions on this subject. And I know it’s just what I eat, but if you don’t want to read then simply quick off. I found these questions online and I thought it’d be interesting to answer. Anyways, lets begin.

Why did you decide to give up meat?

This is the main question I get, so I thought I’d answer it on here so I can fully explain. I was 12 when I became vegetarian and until August last year I was pescetarian (meaning I still ate sea food). It was 100% my own choice and I’m the only vegetarian in my family. I never ever thought I’d give up meat a few years back, but once I researched and looked into it, a combination of facts made me become vegetarian. Around the start of 2016, I was saying how I was planning on going vegetarian when I became an adult, as I thought it’d be really hard. I started researching the impacts meat and dairy have on your body, the environment and also the conditions in which the animals are treated. YouTubers such as the Light Brothers and Sorsha also had a massive impact, and I know their channels are controversial, but it’s honestly the truth. Animal products cause illnesses such as heart disease and cancers and they’re honestly not good for your body. The environment is also damaged by the gases produced from the factories. And finally, the animals are put in awful conditions. I personally don’t see how anyone could continue to eat meat, fish or any animal after finding out the process of producing it. They’re obviously killed, and no matter how you look at this, it’s not at all a good thing. They’re living creatures with emotions and what they have of a life is horrible. I know a lot of people probably think I’m another ‘annoying and forceful vegetarian’ but I do have strong views on this so please just stop reading if you’re not interested in my views. All round, I just don’t agree with this especially as we have supermarkets full of other amazing foods and substitutes, and so I decided to stop supporting it. I’m currently not allowed to go vegan, but I definitely will later in life. I just realised how long this answer is so sorry about that! πŸ˜‚

What was the worst thing about becoming vegetarian?

I’m lucky and personally didn’t/don’t have any problems with actually being vegetarian myself (I’m not fussy at all), but the only problem is other people or places. BBQ’s can be a struggle or any events at other’s houses, as there normally isn’t really much of a selection, but I’m normally okay. It’s also really hard when people try to tell you some foods are vegetarian if they’re not (such as most sweets containing gelatin and some cheeses containing rennet). Or when people try and argue with you about the subject, but I’ve personally got an answer to every question now. another things that’s annoying is that I can’t talk about being vegetarian with most people as I’m apparently ‘forcing my opinion down their throat’ when I literally mention one word related. I once actually got questioned as I said the word ‘chicken’. But apart from that and all the vegetarian/vegan jokes, I do find it easy.

Don’t you miss meat?

I honestly don’t miss meat at all, and never see myself returning to it. This is mainly due to products like quorn (the southern fried nuggets are the best!) and many other delicious foods which have helped me basically forget about meat. I never really ate pork, beef, lamb or mince, so it was mainly chicken and fish which I was worried about, but quorn chicken is great and I completely forget about fish really. I’ve never really tried quorn fish, but the thought of eating fish again after so long (even though it’s obviously not an animal) doesn’t really appeal to me.

What do vegetarians eat?

I get asked this a lot and tbh, I was curious a few years back. I eat loads of different quorn products, veggie/bean burgers, pasta dishes, different Halloumi meals, falafel wraps, vegetable curries, margharita or vegetable pizza, riscotto, cheese paninis/toasties, a lot of fruit, and so much more. 99% of restaurants do a vegetarian option, so I definitely don’t just eat salads πŸ˜‚

And one final one, Are you tired all the time?

A lot of adults ask me this one, and no I am not. When, I’m usually tired due to the lack of sleep or stress, but that’s always been the case πŸ˜‚ Vegetarians and Vegans can be the people with the most energy, as there is other sources of protein that meat. If anything, since I changed the way I eat, my energy has improved and I just feel more awake and yeah.

Wow, that was long πŸ˜‚ Sorry for rambling on as always, I hope you enjoyed or learnt something from today’s post. I didn’t mean to come across as forceful or anything, as it’s obviously your life and your choice. Thank you for reading,

BYE!! Xx


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