Testing Primark Blue Hair Spray

Hey!! So today I’m going to be showing you my review and first impression of the Primark ‘2 in 1 colour + glitter hair spray’ in ‘blue bedazzle’. I tried this on my hair on Wednesday and I took a few photos and actually filmed a video on in (which I’ll link at the bottom), but as blogging is my favourite, I had to write a post on it.

To start with the packaging. It’s got a rainbow troll on it?? I’m guessing it’s got to do with the film ‘trolls’ but I’m not sure. It’s the average size of a spray can so yeah. There’s not really much to say, other than it’s blue and alright packaging. It’s was £3 and holds 125ml.

I have really really dark and long hair, so if I wanted to dye my hair the majority of other colours (any lighter), then I’d have to use bleach, which obviously damages your hair. I’m future I will be dying my hair, but as I’m only currently 13 and my school don’t allow any ‘unnatural colours’ I chose to just use coloured hairsprays. I’ve previously used a red one around Halloween, and it actually worked pretty well! I also just want to mention that I only sprayed the ends of my hair blue, as I prefer the look of this, and I don’t even know if there would’ve been enough product for all my hair. Anyways enough rambling, let me give you my review.

It did take a while for the colour to build up and at first I couldn’t really noticed how of a difference and my hair just kinda looked wet. Once the spray had started to dry it had a much better appearance as the colour looked a lot bolder and obviously dry. As it is a hairspray it obviously doesn’t feel the nicest in your hair and all day it just kinda felt dry and like straw. As I mentioned, this is most likely as it’s a hairspray colour but as I’ve only tried one other before this, I didn’t have much to compare it to.

Despite this, the end result looked so cool! The colour was so bright and also so so sparkly so I’d definitely recommend this for festivals or parties!

Some of the not so great things were that I’m pretty sure I used the whole can. And I do feel a little stupid as maybe I should’ve used it on a day when I was actually doing something, instead of the whole £3 used when I was just sitting around. As I mentioned there was LOADS of glitter, maybe even too much. I did put on a change of clothes whilst spraying my hair, but even afterwards the glitter covered my jeans and bomber jacket, as well as being all over the floor. But both of these things wouldn’t really be negative if you used it when attending a festival or something.

Overall, I was actually so impressed with the appearance of the spray and they’re super fun to play around with. I now really want to dye my hair, so comment below or tweet me (@/Oakleyssbinge)  some suggestions on what I could do.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed today’s post, also HAPPY EASTER! Anyways, have a great day,


My YouTube Video of Testing the blue hairspray: Testing Primark Blue Hairspray!


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