Things to do in Spring Break

Hey Guys! So it’s currently Spring/Easter break which means 2 weeks off! I’ve already had a week off, but I want to fit as much into this week as possible! Some of you may not know what to do with your free time, so here are some ideas which you can do with people and some things you can do alone, I hope you enjoy!

1) Picnics/Outdoors Lunches. On Sunday I went for lunch with my best friend Beth and the weather hit 22 degrees (celsius) so it was so nice to appreciate the outdoors. There’s a little cafe at the park in our town centre, so we went for lunch, then fed the ducks (although I’m scared of them oops!) and then sat on the grass and just had a chat. We both also brought our cameras so we took this opportunity to capture some shots of the highly picturesque surrounding. Blossom, flowers, lakes- it’s all so cute and the perfect excuse to have a scroll outside 🦆🌷

2) Bake! This is a great example of an activity you can do alone, with friends, or with family. There’s such a variety of things to bake-unhealthy or healthy- so it’s perfect for everyone. Easter nests or Pastel cupcakes are a must have this season! Meringue or pavlova are also highly recommended. Especially as there’s so many recipes online that are free 🍪🍧

3) Start a new hobby. Now I know everyone says this, but hear me out. Now that’s we’re past ‘New Years Resolutions’ and the excitement of a new year, it’s a great time to start up a new hobby or learn a new skill. I personally started a YouTube channel this Easter which is great as it gives me something to focus on, and I also got back into playing the piano/keyboard so that’s fun! Whether it’s spending time reading outside, learning an instrument, playing a new sport, or even just learning all the lyrics/dance moves to your favourite song, I’m sure there’s something for everyone.

4) Changing up your style. You may associate this with fashion, but there’s many other things you can change up to make things interesting. Yesterday I tried a new hairstyle (tutorials on YouTube are amazing for this) and I’ve been switching up my makeup looks as we head into a new season. Whether it’s you clothes, hair, room makeup, music, or whatever I’m sure it’ll make everything slightly more interesting. I personally love painting my nails, so it’s super exciting heading into a new season as there’s new things to do. Pastel colours are big at springtime, so co ordinating your room/clothes/makeup to this will fit perfectly and will make Easter much more of an occasion. (This make also include some shopping!).

5) Cinema, Netflix or YouTube. Obviously not every day is going to be filled with warmth and sunshine (especially in England!) so there’s also things to do during the colder days or at the evenings. Last week I went to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast and it was incredible!The songs, characters and storyline was so so good so I’d highly recommend you seeing it. Obviously it’s a remake of the original cartoon version, but honestly I couldn’t remember the story as I haven’t watched it in years. You do have to pay for the cinema though, so if you wanted to keep it free, I’d definitely create a cosy environment within your own home. Alone, or with friends you could have a night where you turn all the lights off, put a film on, grab a blanket and some cushions and have an amazing time. The best part it, you can have whatever snacks you like. Alternatively, if you’re like me, and don’t actually like a lot of films, you can browse through Netflix if you have it (I’d highly highly recommend the series Riverdale) or watch some YouTube.

6) Meet up with friends. Now this is an obviously, but I’m going to try and give you some ideas which you could do together. Shopping is a personal favourite of mine, and even if I don’t spend any money, I just really enjoy looking at what stores have to offer, swatching many products in Superdrug and smelling all the bath products in lush. You can then go somewhere for lunch (this is a great way to catch up and Snapchat a lot of it) or visit a park. However if you don’t like shopping, something like bowling, ice/roller skating, going on a little photo shoot round a park/field or visiting eachother’s houses may be for you. I personally love to see Beth a lot as she’s my fave, and skype Dream Team 🙂

7) Travel somewhere. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere such as Brighton or Southend (or you can travel further) then there’s much more to do. Walking down the pier/lanes in Brighton is amazing or visiting the beach or adventure island in Southend is great. I really want to return to adventure island as I haven’t been in two years and the environment there is fantastic. Springtime is definitely great for visiting fayres. Maybe if you have a bit more money, you can go to see a musical, show or concert.

8) Markets/Boot sales. If you’re looking to only spend a little money, or even earn money then going to a market or car boot sale is recommended. I haven’t been to car boot sale in a few years, but as the weather’s getting nicer, I definitely want to return. You can either have your own stall there if you’ve got items to sell, or go round and grab yourself a bargain. Even if you don’t see anything there you like, the donuts are incredible at my local one, and if you have younger children or a dog in the family then you can walk them and entertain the kids with bouncy castles.

9) One final thing you can do this Easter with your friends, family or alone, is try out challenges from YouTube. In the past I’ve done the cotton wall ball challenge, chubby bunny challenge (before I was vegetarian), 5 minute makeup challenge and many more. Whether you have a channel yourself and you upload it to YouTube, or you just do it for fun and a laugh, it’s honestly a great thing to do which doesn’t have to be expensive. One that I’ve done in past is trying American candy, so if you can get your hands on food from round the world then this can be very exciting and interesting.

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and that I’ve given some ideas on what to do in your free time, feel free to ask me any questions below or on Twitter (@/Oakleyssbinge). And comment below what you’re doing/have done this Easter. Have a great day,

Bye!! Xx


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