10 Items On My Wish List 

Hey Guys! Sorry there was no post last weekend, it’s because on Saturday I was in London meeting the YouTuber Oli White, and on Sunday I was once again in London at the ideal home exhibition. Today’s post was going to be about meeting Oli, but I actually vlogged it: Meeting Oli White + Oxford Street Shopping!, so please check that video out and like and subscribe if you enjoyed it as it was my first ever YouTube video! I can still do a post on that if you want though, so it’s up to you 🙂 

Anyways, today I am going to be sharing with you some of the items that are are on my wish list that I’d like to buy. In no way am I trying to sound needy or ungrateful as this is just for me to look back on so I know what to buy, and maybe I can give you some ideas if your birthday is coming up or maybe it’s near Christmas when you’re reading this. I’m only showing you 10 items as I could honestly go on for days. By the way, none of these pictures are my own as I obviously don’t have the items. Anyways, let’s begin!

At the top of my wish list-and what I’m currently saving for- is a new phone. I’m saving up for a rose gold IPhone SE 64GB, which I’ve found from CEX for £300. In personally buying from CEX as it obviously makes it more affordable, but you’re guaranteed that it’ll still work perfectly fine as it’s being sold from a shop and you can go and see it first. I currently have an IPhone 5, which is getting old now and slowly breaking. However, the biggest problem to me at the moment in that I’m always low on storage; this is why I’m choosing a phone with a higher storage.

The next thing which I really want to get is the Sugg Life Green Khaki Hoodie. Joe Sugg is my favourite YouTuber (apart from Troye, but he no longer makes videos) and Zoe’s my favourite female Youtuber, so I obviously really love the hoodie from their Merch line. As well as supporting them, I also love the appearance of the hoodie and green/khaki is such a nice colour to wear, so I’ll definitely be buying this at some point; everyone also says that it’s super cosy which is good!

A makeup item which I really want to try is the Morphe 35O palette. As this is not available in any UK stores I’d have to use a site like beauty bay or cult beauty to purchase it. It’s a bit more confusing, but I think it’ll definitely be worth it as these palettes look amazing. They’re around £20-£25 which is incredible for 35 insanely pigmented shadows. The 35O palette is a range of autumnal shades and a mixture of mattes and shimmers which are all beautiful. This is near the top of my wish list as it just looks incredible.

There’s quite a lot of beauty items on this list, another one being real techniques brushes. These are priced good for what they are, but brushes aren’t the cheepest thing to get loads of when you’re a 13 year old with no job. Everyone seems to rave about these brushes though, and as I don’t own any I might ask for some for Christmas.

By the way, my birthday’s in May but I’m only asking my family for money (to save up for the phone) so that’s why I’m not asking for this stuff for my birthday x

One thing that is kinda unusual that I want to get is a memory box. Everyone seems to have one and the concept of them is so cute, but I’ve never had one. I’m not sure where I’d get one, somewhere like tickety boo might do cute ones- but the tickety boo in my area shut down unfortunately. 

A too faced eyeshadow palette. I’d have to look more in detail to figure out which one I like best, but just the packaging makes me obsessed with these palettes. The pigmentation is said to be really great, and they’re also cruelty free which is obviously amazing!

Ever since I started getting into makeup, I’ve wanted to try the Tanya Burr Birthday Suit eyeshadow palette as well as the Pink Cocoa Lipstick in her range. The shades are all so stunning, and I obviously love Tanya, so I might get these later on in the year.

A bigger thing which I might save up for next year is a compact/vlogging camera. As I mention earlier I vlogged Oli’s book signing and I did this on my phone. This was fine as I was just filming the day mainly to look back on, but it would be nice to vlog on a camera as the quality would obviously be better, it’d take up no phone storage and it’s just more professional.

One final beauty item which I’d love to try is the Lottie London shimmer squad highlight palette. Loads of YouTubers have mentioned this, and I’ve swatched the tester in store and it’s stunning! So shimmery and pigmented, but it’s always sold out at my local store! I’ll definitely be trying this in future though.

The last item that I’m going to be sharing with you that’s on my wishlist is the Lee Stafford The Original Chopstick Styler Curling Wand. This curling wand creates corkscrew curls which are super Curley and I love them! My best friend Beth has one and she did my hair with it once and it looked insane! I love it!

Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful day,



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