£20 Makeup Challenge

Hey! So today I thought I’d do something a little different and was actually so so fun- the £20 Makeup Challenge. I had most of the makeup included beforehand, and so I’ve used it and know what it’s like so I added up all the prices and it came to £19.95. Everything used is drugstores and cruelty free 🙂 Let’s begin!

I didn’t use a primer as i would’ve gone over £20, but I had moisturised so the makeup would still stick/stay. The first product I used was foundation, which was the Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation in Ivory 2. This was £5.99. I was meant to pick up the Lasting Perfection one but this one is still good. I applied it using a damp makeup sponge (a makeup revolution one) and I’d say it’s a good medium coverage foundation but personally I would’ve preferred a more matte one but it’s very good for the price.

I didn’t use a concealer, as once again it wasn’t in the budget, but the Collection Lasting Perfection is very good for around £4. I then used powder which was once again from Collection, and although it was £1.99, I only paid £0.99 because of Superdrug points or something. I know some could say that I went over, but the foundation I used is currently £3.99, yet I paid more so I still didn’t go over. I was going to get the MUA £1 powder, but it was sold out at my closet Superdrug. The powder is okay; there’s not much to say about it apart from that it did set my face and is once again worth the price. It’s not the best powder I’ve ever used but it’s also not the worst. 

I then went on the bronzer, which I used from the Primark Bronze Palette which also includes the eye shadows I used, and was only £3. 2 bronzer are included, and I used the lighter shade. There was a slight shimmer, but nothing too intense. Once again, it’s not my favourite bronzer in the world, and did look a bit patchy in places, but it’s better than I thought I do use this.

Then I used blush and highlight. As mentioned in my Collective Haul from just after Christmas, I got the Tanya Burr ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ set, which includes a blusher, highlighter and lip gloss. As I got it in the sales, I paid £2.99. The blush is super pretty as not too clown-like, but with a good amount of pigmentation. The highlight from the set is in ‘champagne shimmer’ and is so beautiful and glowy. Btw I moved to my bedroom at this point as people started coming in the kitchen and I felt awkward, I also put on a Pom Pom hairband 😂

I then moved onto eyes, and for eyeshadow I used the same Bronze palette as for the bronzer. Most people strongly dislike Primark eyeshadows, but tbh their pigmentation is really good! There’s quite a big of fall out, but the ones I used, I was very impressed with. They were all shimmer, but it doesn’t bother me that much. I used the orangey shade in my crease, the gold shade on my lid, the brown shade in my outer corner and a mixture of the brown and orange shades on my lower lash line. I would’ve used the white shade in my inner corner, but the pigmentation wasn’t very good and it was kinda chalky. But I was very impressed with how they turned out!

Then for eyeliner I used the Miss Sporty Studio Lash The Meow Eye Liner which is £2.99. This is my favourite eye liner yet, as it’s so quick and easy the use and is pretty black. I’d definitely recommend this product.

For mascara I used the Collection Fast Stroke Defining Mascara which was £2.99. This is actually quite good considering the price and really lengthens the lashes. I have naturally quite long and curly lashes so most mascaras work, but I use this mascara for school as it’s nice. I don’t really like the wand, and it’s really easy to smudge/not waterproof at all, but apart from that I like it. (Ignore the mascara application face 😂)

The final product was lipstick. I used one of MUA’s £1 lipsticks in fawn fancy which is matte and a really nice natural shade. It isn’t long lasting, but 100% worth the money.

I am so so happy with how the look turned out and I genuinely like all the products and would recommend them. I like the highlight or eye liner most, but I honestly love so much of it. I enjoyed using self timer on my phone and going through Ed Sheeran’s whole album. I hope you enjoyed and maybe try this yourself! Have a great day,

Bye!! Xx


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