10 all time favourites

Hello everyone! Today’s post is kinda exciting as it’s a collab with one of my bestest friends Kimberley! She’s previously had blogs, but last week she started over and I already know that her posts will be amazing. Her blog is https://lifeaskimx.wordpress.comand she also has a YouTube channel YouTube.com/KimberleyJewell which is amazing, and it would mean a lot if you checked out her channel and subscribed. She is so lovely and funny and we’re meeting at Jamie’s Game and  Summer in the City!! 

Anyways, so we decided to both do a top 10 favourites post as maybe you could get some recommendations and it’ll be cool to look back on in the future. There’s a mixture of beauty, music and other things, so I hope you enjoy.

1) Divide by Ed Sheeran. I’m sure you all know and love all the songs of the album already, but I had to mention it as I’ve been listening to it a lot recently and think that there’s a song for everyone on there. My personal favourites are Nancy Mulligan and Save Myself, although there’s only one or two that I’m not obsessed with (still good, I just prefer other styles or lyrics). My all time favourite singer is Troye Sivan, but as it’s been over a year since his last album and he’s working on new music at the moment, I thought I should listen to other artists as well.Amazon.co.uk/divide

2) The next things I have been loving are some of the body shop tea tree skincare range. I use the Facial Wash, Mattifying Toner, Foaming Cleanser and Tea Tree Oil every morning and night and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin. They’re not the cheepest items (not the most expensive either) but I’d definitely recommend them to someone looking for new skincare products. After 2 weeks of using them, my skin looked and felt smoother and healthier. www.thebodyshop.com/en-gb/range/tea-tree

3) YouTubers that I’ve been loving a lot recently are obviously Joe Sugg, Zoe, Tyler, Oli, etc. But I’ve  also really been enjoying Sophdoesnails. I’m sure most of the people reading this will know who she is, but if not then I’ll try and explain her videos. Despite her channel name mentioning nails, she mainly makes makeup and beauty videos. I’ve been watching her since around November, and I’ve been so obsessed that I’ve nearly watched all her videos. She makes videos on testing products, hauls, tutorials, comparing products, and loads more very good beauty related videos, as welll as vlogging over on her second channel Sophdoesvlogs. Her hair is amazing as well! Sophie’s Channel!

4) One thing which I love so so much and feel so happy and lucky to have it, is the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette. It includes 12 shades, 11 complete mattes and 1 demi-matte ‘blow’, which are all so beautiful and highly pigmented. This is my first and only high end product (I’ve only been properly wearing make up since October) and I love it so much and the packaging is stunning! I got it in duty free when I went to Cyprus in February half term, and I already want to try more Urban Decay palettes (I also really want to get a too faced and morphe palette). It’s cruelty free which is obviously amazing and I’d definitely recommend if you’ve got the money or are looking for a present. Naked Ultimate Basics Palette

5) The next things I’ve been loving are random accessories. This sounds kinda strange but basically hair accessories or items that can help make the outfit. Saturday, I bought fake glasses from Primark (men’s section) which were only £2 and I love them so much! They kind of remind me of an old man, but at the same time I find them so unique and interesting. I also love bandanas so much and actually own 7 of them (white, black, dark blue, light blue, camouflage, light pink and normal pink). I own quite a few beanies as well (picture below shows my 3 favourites) PB Beanie but it’s getting closer to Spring/Summer so I can’t really wear them for a while. I’ve also been wearing cat ears and a Pom Pom hair band which are both so cute! Rose Gold Cat Ears

6) One item of clothing that i’ve been loving is my pair of mom jeans, I got them in New Look when they were £14 and I love them so much.

7) The other week my best friend Beth curled my hair using her chopstick curler and it literally looked amazing! I’m going to ask for one for my birthday so hopefully I can recreate it a lot more in future! http://www.superdrug.com/Lee-Stafford/Lee-Stafford-The-Original-Chopstick-Styler-Curling-Wand/p/377100

8) Some books which are my all time favourites, are the 3 books in the Girl Online series by the lovely Zoella. I’ve read Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour and I’m I’m halfway through Girl Online Going Solo, and these books are so enjoyable to read and interesting that I’d definitely recommend to teenagers or anyone who like books that aren’t too dramatic or unrealistic, yet still gripping. I really want to finish the third book but I only really read on holiday,so I’ll have to convince myself to actually read.Girl Online Books

9) The other Makeup item I have been loving is the very well known Sleek solstice highlighting palette. It contains 4 stunning highlights (3 powders and 1 balm) which all have insane pigmentation! I personally love the gold shade best, but they’re all incredible and I would 100% recommend. It was £10 in Superdrug and it was definitely worth it. A brush is included which probably works, but I personally haven’t used it, and the packaging is once again stunning. I’d love to try Sleek’s other highlighting palettes/palettes in general as this one is so good.Sleek Solstice Palette

10) 10. My final favourite products which I’ve been loving are 3 of the Tanya Burr Nail Polishes. I own 9 of Tanya’s polishes and they’re all beautiful colours and look lovely, but 3 of them stand out even more as we come into spring time. Frosted Cupcakes, Pick ‘n’ Pix and Fairy Godmother are 3 beautiful pastel shades which look so lovely on. You may have seen from the photos in previous posts, that I love to paint my nails and these polishes are lovely. They do chip after a while, but definitely better than a lot of other drugstore nail polishes. www.superdrug.com/Make-Up/Nails

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found some new products to try out, remember to go read Kimberley’s post here: Kim’s Blog Post!

Thank you for reading,



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