I’m Meeting Oli White!

Hey! So as I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I’m actually meeting Oli White! It’s at his book signing in London on the 1st April and I am literally so excited! I’m basically writing this post to look back on, and also for people who are also meeting him or who want to share my excitement! I also really love organising stuff. I’ll be sharing some of the details, some plans and just anything else really. 21 days to go!

So the signing is at 12pm and is the first ever signing of the Generation Next:The Takeover tour. As it’s the first signing I’m really hoping Oli vlogs it as it’d be a great memory and imagine being in it! Either way I know it’ll be great šŸ™‚ Also, as it’s the London signing and London’s the capital city, maybe James and his mum and dad will also be there? They most likely won’t, but on his last tour they were at the London signing, so there’s a chance! 

I’m going with my mum and my best friend Beth (I’M SO EXCITED TO BE MEETING A YOUTUBER WITH BETH) so it’ll be great. We live 1-2 hours away from London (depending on where abouts it is) so we’re going on the train and tube which will be exciting! For the travel I’m going to be bringing music, snacks, maybe a book, a notebook & pen, etc, but I’ll mainly be chatting and getting excited šŸ™‚

I’m getting there for like 11am and probably waking up at like 7am so I’ll have to get sleep aha. I’m currently planning on what to wear and I’ve got 2 options. Well I’m probably just going to straighten my hair and put it in a ponytail, then either wear my grey lace up hoodie with black high waisted jeans and converse, or my red and white adidas jumper, mom jeans and adidas superstars. I’m not sure though. Hopefully the weather will be good but I’ll bring an umbrella just in case.

On the day, my mum’s travelling there with me and me, then we’re queuing up by ourselves and afterwards we’re going to explore London and go shopping! Although, I might text my mum as we’re about to go inside the book signing venue, as we might need her to film it or take pictures. All we know at the moment is that it’s in West London, which is great as after we can go shopping in Oxford street and I love the shops there! I just already know it’s going to be a wonderful day and I can’t wait!Leading up to the signing, I’m making a scrapbook for Oli, which I’m filling with lots of random things as well as fan messages from people who either can’t go, or just want to say something to Oli. I did the same thing when I met Tanya, as although it takes a while, I know it’ll definitely be worth it. If you have any messages you want to include, comment them below or tell me on twitter (@OakleyssBinge).

Getting the tickets was highly stressful, but it’s also so so exciting. I’m lucky as I live kinda near London, and I know there’ll always be a signing there, although I’d love a Youtuber to come to Essex as literally none of them do.

I hope you liked reading about my excitement, I’ll definitely write a post about the day once I’ve met him, speak to you soon,

Bye!! Xx


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