Room Tour!

Hello, so today I thought I’d show you my room as I’ve just tidied it and I’m happy with it at the moment. I’ll try to list where the majority of things are from, but if you’re interested then just comment below 🙂

To start with, on my door I have a mirrored sign which says my name, as well as my Joe and Caspar Hit The Road USA calendar. I have a grey fluffy door stop but I don’t think I included it in any of the pictures. 

My room is kind of small, but tbh I don’t mind it like that-it’s homely. I moved house 2 and half years ago, and compared to my old round/square shaped room, it’s now quite long and straight. 

As you walk in, the first thing you’d see is my chest of drawers. They’re white with 4 draws and from IKEA. I store the majority of my clothes here & use the top kinda like my desk. Along the back I have two vintage glass jars filled with small bath fizzers, 3 vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other (filled with stationary and bath stuff) and there is also a vintage photo frame with a picture of me and Joe Sugg in it. In front, I have a hand lotion from Wilkos and a hand cream from bath & body works, and to the left there’s a soap & glory shower gel and hand cream. Going around my drawers I have coloured light bulb fairy lights which I love a lot. Above there’s a vintage mirror which isn’t actually up yet (I had a smaller one but I smashed it) and above that there’s a copper hanging frame with a quote and to the right of that, there’s a pastel blue photo frame. There is also a pink bin next to my drawers.

There is then my bed, which has a floral bed/pillow sheet and a heart cushion. Underneath I store a lot and yeah. The wall that my bed’s against has a grey polka dot wallpaper-the other 3 walls are mint green. On the wallpapered wall, I have 3 shelfs with hold my Zoella beauty bag, a jar of sweets, Polaroid camera, reed diffuser and a cute pot for decoration; each shelf also has a lip balm. Also along the wall, there is 3 hanging hearts which light up.

I have a bed side table, which has a draw which is filled with sweets and chocolates, but I don’t actually ever eat them. There’s also a shelf in there, which has my old phones/phone cases on it, as well as my old diaries and iPad on it. On top of it, there’s my blue vintage radio which I got for my 12th birthday and a crystal lamp; this is also where I charge my phone. Next to it, is where I put my vanity case which is where I store the majority of my make up. I normally do my makeup on my window sill- so that is where my rose gold light up mirror is.

Then, on the other main wall of my room, I have 3 storage cabinet type things (which are from ikea). Each cabinet has 3 shelves and on the first shelf of the cabinet closest to the window I have a basket full of body sprays, a lace-style plate which holds 3 eos’, a ‘K’ storage box, a Rubik’s cube, a keyring, and some fluoride mouthwash which I should use as I have braces. On the next shelf down, I have a tray/basket which holds 2 bath bombs, a body wash & an eos; 2 shells; a book & a diary; and a floral storage box. On the bottom shelf I have loads of old books & photo albums which just kinda sit there.

On the top shelf of the next cabinet, I have a basket-type thing which holds a cactus and a crystal, my  new & old school ties, a rubber, a pen pot, 2 lip balms and a tiny trolley filled with rubbers. On the middle shelf is my collection of Youtuber books! I also have a pot of shells, the Zoella Spa in a jar, and a decoration pot on this shelf. And on the bottom shelf I have 3 storage boxes, a tatty teddy Donkey, and another box down the side.

And on the top shelf I have of the last cabinet, there are 3 storage boxes and some other things. On the middle shelf I have 2 beauty storage things, which hold the rest of my makeup, and also a lot of lip balms. There’s also a cotton wall pad holder, and another storage thing with holds a shimmer lotion and an eos. And on the bottom shelf I have a plastic bath filled with bath products, 2 Soap & Glory products, some CD’s, 2 body lotions and the Zoella shimmer balm.

Above the shelf closest to the window there’s a photo frame with 5 photos, as you go along the wall there’s a pink canvas, chandelier wall sticker, and 3 square shelves. Inside the shelves there’s a light up ‘K’, a James and Friends ‘Hello best friends’ notebook and a personalised jar of Nutella. On top of these shelves, I have some of Zoe’s products and a nail polish. On this wall I also have the 3 tickets to book tours hanging up.

On top of the cabinets there my TV, a fake bunch of flowers, a bowl filled with ball fairy lights, a pug money box, a pen pot & some stationary, my clock, a frame with a picture of me and Niomi in, some more storage boxes, a light box, some skincare products and a sign saying ‘Katie’.

The final thing in my room is my wardrobe. Not much to say about it, but it’s nice.

Sorry this post was so long, but if you read up to here then thank you so much. I hope you liked this post & my room, 

Bye! Xx


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