Q&A-Why I Started Blogging & How to be an amazing friend 💫

Hey guys! So since I’ve never done a Q&A on here, this morning I took to Twitter (My Twitter is @Oakleyssbinge if you didn’t know already) and asked for you guys to ask me some questions with using #AskSimplyKatie. Thank you to everyone that got involved (everyone that asked questions I’m really good friends with, so thank you guys!). And since I’m still a new blogger I thought you could get to know me a bit better 🙂

So the first question came from Kimberley-one of my bestest friends ever, who asked ‘why aren’t you called Katies daties?’😂 Basically, when I was asking for name suggestions Kim said ‘Katies Daties’ which is obviously amazing, but I just wasn’t feeling it at the time. Sorry Kimberley 😂

The next two questions came from another one of my close friends, Katie. The first one was ‘How do you feel about Katy?’. So, Katy aka Adil is a Youtuber with over 500k subscribers (Check out his channel here:….), and he’s attending Summer in the City and me, Katie and another one of my friends Kate are obsessed with him. Katy is literally so funny, like I can’t even. He’s also so nice and chatty which is obviously amazing with a Youtuber-to actually ingage with followers. I love how he comes to us and joins in our chats and I can’t wait to meet him!

Katie also asked ‘How did you first start getting into YouTube and blogging?’. Basically, I’ve known who Zoe, Joe, Alfie, etc are since late Summer in 2014 when my god sister (who’s literally like my cousin) was obsessed with YouTubers and kept going on about how much she loved Joe Sugg. I didn’t know who he was and thought he was like a singer/actor or something but then she started telling me about YouTubers and I remember being so confused when she showed me Dan’s video of hitting 1 million subscribers (I think this was actually earlier that year). Then we spent Christmas with their family and Christmas Eve we watched Joe’s box & balloon prank, Joe cooking Lobster, Zoe & Tyler’s break up tag (I was so confused aha) and some other videos. She also told me about Tanya & got Zoe’s products and by that point I knew all their names but didn’t really watch them. In April 2015 I started properly watching YouTubers and became instantly obsessed; I first just watched Zoe & Joe’s collabs and at that time my friendships weren’t the best, so it was amazing that YouTubers could cheer me up. Ever since then I’ve been absolutely obsessed with YouTubers and watching YouTube is my hobby. The idea of starting a YouTube channel myself sounds very fun, but also very scary and I personally don’t want to at the moment. So I decided to start a blog, and it’s been amazing 🙂

The next question came from my best friend Beth, who asked ‘Why are you the greatest friend in the world?’. THANK YOU BETH! Beth is so amazing and I’m definitely not the greatest friend in the world; she is. When I first became friends with Beth, I was a completely different person and ever since then, everything has improved 10000% so thank you Beth for being the best. Rather than saying why I might be the greatest friend (as I’m really not) I’ll give some advice on what I look for in a friend. 

First of all, you’ve got to always be there for them so not matter what they’ll be able to trust you and they’ll really appreciate the fact you’ve always got their back. You should also have a sense of humour. I’m not the funniest person in the world, but if I couldn’t have a laugh with my friends then I don’t know what would happen. Me and my friends such as Beth and Dream Team share the funniest memories together, whether that’s irl or through Twitter & Skype. One final thing is that you shouldn’t be discriminating. I couldn’t personally be close friends with some one who’s racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic etc; equality is a strong belief of mine, so I’m put off someone if they are discriminating.

Jorja (an amazing and very funny friend of mine) asked ‘What’s your favourite moment in High School Musical?’. Jorja and I are OBSESSED with High School Musical, and my favourite film is probably the second or third one. I honestly can’t pick my favourite song from HSM, but I like in the second one where Sharpay sings fabulous and in the third one when ‘I want it all’ is being performed and also ‘Now or Never’.

And finally, another great friend of mine- Elin asked ‘What is the best experience YouTube/Internet has given you?’. Good question, And it’s 100% the friends I’ve made; they make my day everyday and the internet & Youtube has made my bestest friends. But also, Joe’s signing was probably the best day of my life and I know Summer In The City will be even better!

Thank you for reading if you’ve got this far, I hope you’ve learnt something new. What’s the best experience you’ve got from the internet and YouTube?


P.S.I’M MEETING OLI WHITE! I got the tickets last night to his book signing, and will be doing a post about it soon! I’M SO EXCITED!!!


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