Curlformers review/instructions 

Hey! First of all, I’m sorry there was no post last weekend-it was as I’ve spent half term in Cyprus and there wasn’t wifi in the apartment (and I can’t use mobile data abroad, so I was using my mum’s phone). But it was really great & I’m actually on the plane home whilst writing this; so sorry if it’s a little short (although I’m already rambling on aha).

Anyways, as mentioned in my What I Got For Christmas 2016 post, I got Curlformers for Christmas and I thought I’d review them for you as I’ve used them quite a bit. The start with, my ones were around £13 from Amazon or EBay or others stores (price depends on where you get them), which is a really reasonable price for a hair curling product. You get a bag full of loads of the actual curling things (orange and pink which go in opposite directions) and a long blue hook to pull your hair through the curler rolls. The idea of these is that you can get heatless curls overnight (so no heat damage done to your hair).
So when using them, your hair MUST be wet/fairly damp; I’ve tried it with dry hair and they really don’t work. When you take them out, your hair must be completely dry, or the curls will just drop straight away (you can leave them overnight or just blow dry your hair when in the curlers). It’s easier if someone else does it to start, but now I’ve got the hang of it and do it myself.

I’m not very good at describing, so watch this Curlformers Demo if you want to actually see them be put in.
You take a curler thing and push the hook through the wholes at either end-so the curler roll is now straight on the stick of the hook. Get a section of hair (I get quite small sections, so the curls aren’t as heavy), then hook the hair and pull it through the curler until the hook is out the over side of the curler. It should then spring up into a curl shape, then wait for it to dry. Repeat for the rest of your hair, I like to use both colours as then your hair curls both ways. They don’t take too long to put it (and I have a lot of hair) and are quite soft and easy to sleep it.
At first I was unsure on whether they’d work, but they 100% do! I actually prefer the curls to when I use heat, so I’m very happy! They’re so affordable and look incredible. The day that I’m posting this, I’ve actually used them and they look so pretty so I 100% recommend :))

Anyways, Bye! Xx


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