Collective Haul

Hey! So this post will be up a little late, as I was so close to finishing it then all the writing and pictures in the post randomly deleted. Anyways, this’ll be the last Haul-like post for a while, as I’m trying to save money at the moment, and the only reason I’ve been doing Haul posts recently is because Christmas has just gone and I wanted to share what I got, as well as buy some other stuff with Christmas money. All these items I got at least a month ago, so at least now I can give my reviews as I’ve used everything included.

To start with, on Boxing Day, as well as getting quite a bit from Lush – which you can read here Lush Boxing Day Haul 2016, I also got a few extra bits. In primark I got a set of 2 beauty blenders (£1.50) which are okay, but quite dense so they aren’t the softest, but for the price they’re amazing. I also got Joe and Caspar Hit The Road USA (£10) which I hilarious and just as good as the first one (maybe even better). Then from New Look I bought a rose gold cat ear headband (£4) which I really liked before Christmas so I decided to get it. It’s very pretty, but the other day I accidentally broke it (typical me!) by leaning on it whilst getting off the sofa, but luckily my mum could fix it, so it’s all good.

Just before New Year, me and my best friend Beth went shopping and I picked up a few things from Superdrug that I wanted to try. The first thing I got was the GOSH mineral powder in 004 (£9.99) which is a very nice powder foundation with great coverage yet not leaving you looking cakey. I also bought the Miss Sporty Studio Lash The Miaoww Eye Liner (£2.99) as it was recommended by Sophdoesnails on YouTube ( and it’s so good! Extremely easy to use, very affordable and still has a great black colour; I’d definitely recommend. The last thing I picked up that day was the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 2-Cool Medium (£4.19) which was very good coverage, easily blendable and definitely worth the hype. 

The final products that I got where the ones I ordered from the Superdrug sale on Christmas Day.I bought these because they were all limited to Christmas and the prices were amazing! I got 2 of the Tanya Burr Christmas gift sets; both are absolutely stunning! One of which is the ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ palette which was £2.99 and contains a wintery blush in ‘first kiss’, an absolutely stunning highlight in ‘champagne shimmer’ and a lovely natural lip gloss in ‘afternoon tea’. All the products are beautiful and the price was amazing! 

The other item from Tanya’s Xmas range which I got was the ‘perfectly defined’ palette, which was reduced to £9.99. This includes the same highlight (which is fine, as I love it), a pretty bronzer in ‘caramel kiss’, a liquid highlight in ‘beaming’ as well as 3 stunning eye shadow shades in ‘silk pyjamas’, ‘cuddle me’ and ‘baking brownies’. All the powders have a great pigment and although I don’t really know how to use ‘beaming’, I’m sure it’s just as nice. The packaging of these products are so beautiful and I love how they come with a mirror.

Then from Zoe’s Christmas range, I once again got 2 things which were the ‘Gingerbread & Vanilla Fragrance set’ (£3.99) which includes the ‘Bake my day’ body mist (SMELLS DELICIOUS) and the Ginger cream (once again, has a strong scent). I also got the ‘handy hands hand cream’ (£1.99) which is so moisturising and I love a lot. All the product’s packaging is gorgeous and I can’t wait for Zoe’s range next Christmas!

The final item (well items) in this haul are the Makeup Revolution Iconic Nudes Brush Collection, which includes 9 face/eye brushes and a beauty blender. All the brushes that I’ve used (the majority of them) blend beautifully and we’re definitely worth the price! The beauty blender is quite squishy (which is good) and does its job at blending. This set was £9.99, and 100% worth it. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this (sorry if it’s a little long), I’m planning on maybe doing a baking post next week? But anyways,


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