Meeting Youtubers

Hey! So the majority of you probably watch Youtubers, and may be obsessed with them (like me). Obviously there’s so many Youtubers out there & different types of videos you watch, and if I’m honest I like a wide variety of Youtubers. As I’m such a big fan, and I feel as if Youtubers have genuinely helped me, I like many others decide to meet them. There’s a few ways you can meet Youtubers, and in this post I wanted to discuss my experiences, how to prepare, what to expect and just most things associated with meeting Youtubers. It’s 

To start, you obviously have to plan how you’re going to meet the Youtuber, and depending on where they’re from and how big they are, this can be hard. The easiest way probably to meet them is to go to their book signings if they have one (although if they’re a smaller Youtuber they probably won’t have these). And probably the biggest problem is the location. I’m from Essex (England) & I don’t know a single Youtuber that’s a book signing/meet up here or even come here, which is kinda annoying but I completely understand as there’s so many places Youtubers could visit, and I’m just grateful to live in England (a place where a lot of Youtubers I watch are located/visit). But anyways, you can also meet Youtubers by seeing if they’re doing any meet ups (normally can find out from Twitter and maybe Snapchat). Also if you know that they’re visiting near you, or happen to be in the same location, then check their Snapchat all day, as you may be able to tell where they are and be able to meet them!

Once you’ve got tickets to a signing/event or however else you’ve planned to meet them, the excitement begins! When I got tickets to the first signing I went to, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I didn’t know what to expect or anything really, but I literally planned EVERYTHING. This was for Tanya Burr’s signing, and I’d recommend watching a lot of the Youtuber your meeting’s videos to build up excitement (I personally love watching their vlogs from if they’ve previously done a meet up, and other people’s videos of them meeting the Youtuber).

Then as it gets closer to the signing I’d start to plan stuff like what outfit you want to wear, what you’re taking and whether there’s anything you want to ask/say to the Youtuber-this could be your only chance, so try to say exactly what you want to and not let the shock and excitement take over (although this happened to me all 3 times). 

When planning what to take, I’d recommend bringing: Your phone/camera (obviously), vlogging camera if you vlog, a portable charger, some snacks and a drink (as there may be long queues), maybe some headphones if you have to travel far, umbrella (just incase the weather’s bad and you have to queue up outside), a mirror, tissues, etc.

Every meet up experience is different so I can’t tell you exactly what to expect, but I can give you a rough idea. Personally for me, meeting Youtubers is my absolute favourite thing to do and I get so excited. Although, as like anything , not everything is completely perfect. Queuing can be long. This doesn’t bother me that much, as I think it’s amazing that the Youtuber takes time with every person, so that it lasts longer. This can also give you more time to update on social medias, prepare what you’re going to say, and it also can get you more excited. Relating to this, sometimes it doesn’t last that long. You probably get a maximum of around 1 minute with the Youtuber (depending on the style of the event, and your conversations). I’m saying this due to my experiences and I know for a fact that people get longer with the Youtuber if they don’t just freeze and smile and stutter and nearly cry (like me 😂); but I’m just saying this so you’re not disappointed and shocked. One last downside that a lot of people complain about is security, yet nothing’s really affected me and I respect that they’re there to do their job. But overall, none of this really bothers me, and meeting them just feels so surreal and magical. 

My tips are:make the most of the run up to the event & don’t wish the time away, prepare what you want to say as when you’re with the Youtuber you may get too overwhelmed to think about it, make sure you have enough phone charge (important), MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH PHONE STORAGE (I thought I did, and then ran out whilst with Joe Sugg), remember your convosation and write it down straight away (as you will most likely want to remember it), stay calm/remember that they’re just people too and just have the best time ever!

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I’ve met Tanya Burr (2nd July), Niomi Smart (11th September) and Joe Sugg (22nd September), and I think I’ll do seperate posts about them, as this is already long, but they were the best days ever. This year I’ve already got Summer in the City (5th August) booked, and I definitely will be going to many more signings & meet ups throughout the year. I hope you liked reading this, BYE!! ❤


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