Picking Options & Future jobs

Hey! So this post is going to be slightly different as I want to talk about something different and which is a big thing for most people around my age. So currently I’m in Year 9 at school (13 years old & 14 in May) and I’m about to pick my options for GCSE (big exams in year 10/11) which I think is happening in March. I know some schools do this in Year 8, but that’s just how my school works. Obviously this is an important thing as it affects what I do for collage/apprenticeship/university and what I go on to do for a job. So basically I’m writing this to discuss my thoughts and maybe reassure others doing this as well. 

At my school there’s 3 ‘pathways’ depending on your academic abilities, which each give you a different number of subjects you actually pick to do. As I’m in top sets for English, Maths, Science & Languages (everything except PE aha) I’m pretty sure I’ll be on the pathway where I only get to pick 2 subjects (as well as choose between History & Geography and French & German). 

If I’m honest I kinda have an idea for what subjects I’m going to pick (although it’ll depend on what’s in what box) but I’m still undecided. I know I’ll definitely pick French as I understand it more than German, but between History and Geography I honestly don’t know, I used to really dislike History, but recently I’ve understood and enjoyed it more, and my brother took it and said you learn more about modern history which I think I’d like even more. Same with Geography really, I now quite like it but aparantly it gets boring, although I might still take it as I’ve been doing quite well recently and I’ve also heard there’s a trip to Norwich & I’ve always wanted to go there (bonus!). 

I’m already rambling so much, so sorry again! I enjoy Art which I think includes some photography which I love (but photography is unfortunately no longer an option) and recently I’ve liked RE, some parts of music I enjoy a lot, also there’s new subjects I could try like business studies and textiles. But then it also depends on what I want as a job in the future .

Which leads me into my next point, I don’t know what job I want. I think this is normal, so if you feel the same then I wouldn’t worry as I’m sure you’ll find out soon. Like as I mentioned earlier I absolutely love photography (although I’m not the best) but I don’t know how to become a photographer/someone to do with photography, where to go to get this job, when or what I can even do. And I know working isn’t all about this, but I obviously care about the money side of it-after all, it is the main reason we work.

I also happen to like and understand maths, which is very useful for a lot of jobs, so do I get a job to do with that? I have so many questions, and I’m quite scared about jobs and exams. What jobs are out there? What makes me any better than others going for the job? How will I find time to revise everything as well as keep up everything I do at the moment? I don’t know at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll all work out.

One final thing I want to mention is ‘dream jobs’. From as long as I can remember, I’ve always been asked what would be my absolute dream job, and at first I had no clue if I’m honest. I remember then saying it was: to work in chocolate factory, vet, artist, pianist (aha, I’m not very good btw), designer, at one point it was to be a magician! There’s a lot more, but for nearly 2 years I wanted to be something to do with photography. I’ve always been quite artistic and I find photography so interesting and beautiful. But when I think about it, I honestly do know how I’d become a successful one. Okay, so I know I’ve only just started and I honestly write this for a hobby and don’t mind how many people read, but I now love blogging. I completely understand how hard it is to be successful enough for this to be a full time job, but it’s what I currently love and it is my ‘dream job’. Although I’m not going to get too deep about this, as I’m 99% sure this won’t happen, but it’s just a thought. 

Another quick thing, is that I’d like to travel to quite a few places (like most people), but not like everywhere or for too long. Not really professional either, just like with friends, family or independently. I’d love to return to Florida & New York and other places in America, but Australia is at the top of my list.

There is a lot of pressure on teens to know what they’re doing with their lives, and I’m kinda confused and scared. It’s coming round a lot quicker than I thought, but I believe everything happens for a reason, so hopefully it’ll all plan out. I’m currently focusing on living in the moment, so this adds to it by not stressing about the future too much. 

I hope this has somehow helped you or was interesting to read, have a great day,



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