Lush Boxing Day Haul 2016

333ae91f-7742-45f3-a55f-75321b187e8aHey Guys! So although Christmas is now officially over, at least there’s a whole new year to look forward to! I’m probably going to write a post about what i’d love to do in 2017, but this might be the last post of the year. So if I don’t speak to you until then, then have to best new year and make 2017 the best year yet!

Anyways, Boxing Day was the other day, and as I got quite a bit of money this year for Christmas, I obviously had to go to Lush for the sales. If you didn’t know already, on Boxing Day Lush have a big sale where all the Christmas/Halloween & Autumn (if there’s any left) is half price, which is great as you can get double the about of items as you could before. As this is such a great sale, Lush gets very busy (online and in store) and I know that at midnight the website was crashing and then throughout the day there was a queue of thousands of people. I was already going shopping so I went to the store, but still had to wait over 45 mins outside in the cold (it definitely worth it though!). Anyways, I’m going to stop rambling on about stuff you probably don’t care about and start telling you what I got.

The first thing I picked up was The Christmas Penguin bubble bar which is super cute and smells so good! (I am so bad at describing smells so I’ll look up the scents online). This one is described as ‘cheery citrus’ which I can kinda smell, but to me it just smells of really nice (what a great description) and of Lush 😂 It was originally £3.95 and reduced to £1.98 which is amazing for a bubble bar! In the picture I put it next to the peeping Santa bubble bar which I got on Christmas Day, but I thought I’d include it as it’s still Lush and I thought I’d talk about it. Peeping Santa is one of the most adorable lush products (wow I’m describing a bubble bar as adorable 😂) and smells delicious! It’s like Strawberries (it actually looks like one too) and just so fruity! 

I was then going to pick up some of the Snow Fairy shower gel, but my mum actually got a 1kg bottle (originally £21.50!) of it which she said we could share , which was super nice Of her but I’ll mainly let her use it. But I did get the 100g pot of Snow Fairy Body Conditioner which was originally £7.95 & reduced to £3.98, which obviously smells of the Lush Snow Fairy scent. If you’re a fan of Lush you’ll most likely know this scent already, but if not then omg it’s amazing. It’s probably my favourite scent by Lush and the actual ‘snow fairy’ products are exclusive to Christmas, but it’s also the same (or very similar) scent as the Bubble Gum lip scrub (can get all year round), Candy Mountain Bubble Bar & The Magic Wand Bubble Bar (Bothb exclusive to Christmas). It’s a bubblegum/candy floss scent which is super sweet/sugary and honestly just my favourite. This was the first body conditioner I’ve ever got and I can’t explain how soft it makes your skin feel! I’d definitely recommend.

I’m already rambling along a lot so I’m going to try and speed up. The next thing I picked up was The Magic Of Christmas Wand Bubble Bar which looks and smells fantastic! This is the first time i’ve got this, but I’ve previously had the Magic Wand bubble bar and personally I think the wands are such a great idea and last time mine lasted around 5 baths, which is amazing! The stick is a cinnamon stick and it’s super glittery and orange, it smellls all spicy and festive (so good!). This was originally £5.95 and reduced to £2.98.

I then picked up 2 of the butterbear bath bombs (I’ve actually already used one) as they were only £1.95 to begin with (so I got them for £0.98 each) and I’d heard a lot of great reviews about it so I wanted to try it. First of all it looks really sweet and and smells relaxing and like ‘vanilla’. It doesn’t have a colour but contains cocoa butter so it makes you fill so relaxed & your skin feel so soft. One thing that I originally wanted was a gift set. So I got the Night Before Christmas gift set which includes the Snow Angel luxury bath melt and the shoot for the stars Bath Bomb. Snow Angel smells really fresh and has a ‘marzipan scent’ which it’s too over powering at all. It also contains cocoa butter and as it’s a bath melt I know it will be super relaxing and softening. It also looks stunning and the bottom is completely covered in gold glitter. Shoot for the Stars has changed it’s look from last year and is now a very vibrant blue and is covered in golden stars. It smelt subtly citrusy, which would make sense considering it contains Brazilian Orange and Bergamot oils. This was £9.95 down to £4.98. 

Another thing I was so excited to finally get was the Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub which was probably one of my favourite purchases. I already have the Bubblegum lip scrub and Lush’s lip scrubs leave your lip so soft and smelling/tasting delicious; they also last SO long! As I mentioned earlier, the Bubblegum scent is probmy  favourite, yet I now think the Sugar Plum Fairy scent count be just as good! It’s a sweet yet fruity scent and smells exactly like blackcurrant fruit pastilles! I would definitely recommend it if it’s still in stock near you, or if it’s back next year.

2 more bath bombs that I’ve always wanted to try which I got are Never mind the Ballistics (went from £4.25 to £2.13) and Luxury Lush Pud (also went from £4.25 to £2.13). I didn’t think Never mind the Ballistics was a Christmas product & would be in the sale, but it was! Half of it is a yellow bath bomb containing lime and sweet orange oils & the other half a pink bath melt containing cocoa butter & bananas. It smells very citrusy and refreshing & I think I’ll really like it! Luxury Lush Pud is a bright multicoloured bath bomb that I know will make the water look amazing! I just smelt it & tries to describe it and said ‘it just smells really good’ so I’m going to look up the actual scent 😂 It actually contains lavender oil which I wasn’t expecting, but nethertheless, it smells great!

The last thing I bought was Elf on the Shelf fun. Fun can be quite expensive (normally £5.95) so I’ve never tried it before, but as it was now only £2.98 and I’ve always wanted to try it, I thought I’d get it. I got this one as on Twitter I’m in a Groupchat with a lot of my close friends and we’re called ‘Joe’s Elves’, so this reminded me of them. It also smells incredible and very Christmassy, as it contains vibrant grapefruit and ginger oils. I can’t wait to use this and create an elf!

This is all I got from Lush this year and I actually have another haul coming after this (sorry! I know they can get boring, but it’s only as it’s just been Christmas) so I’ll try to spread it out a bit. Everything I bought would have come to £51.90 but because of the sale it was £25.90. I hope you liked reading what I got and yeah. BYE!!


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