What I got for Christmas 2016

Hey Everyone! This is my first post so welcome. I’m Katie & I hope you’ve had a great Christmas and enjoy the new year ✨

I’m going to be going through what I got for Christmas this year as I honestly loved everything and I’m super grateful 😌 I’ve got a Boxing Day Haul coming up soon as well so I hope you like it. Okay, let’s begin;

I got a range of stuff this year, starting with some cool colourful bulb fairy lights which I got in my stocking & are currently around my drawers (you might see in some pics). I also got a light box which I’ve wanted for months and months and they’re currently quite popular so I was super happy to receive that. Oh btw, the majorty of this was from my parents, so unless I mention someone else, it’s probably from them 🙂 I absolutely love the rose gold coppery light up mirror which I got, as it’s very practical & I recently broke the mirror in my room. Relating to the copper theme, I got a copper photo frame in the style I love, which I put a photo of when I met Niomi in 💜


I didn’t take pictures of everything, as I’d either already put it away, or just because you probably don’t want to see stuff like chocolate. But I did get a box of everlasting gobstoppers as well as a wide angle selfie lense for my phone (makes the camera bigger to fit more in) from one of my best friends Beth. For my phone I also got a clip on ring light thing for when it’s dark but you want to take a selfie (it’s so good, I’d definitely recommend it!). And a new charger case which is rose gold with a matching pop socket, as I lost my old one a few months back around the time I met Joe. The other camera related thing I got is a Polaroid camera top up pack, which I’ve needed for so long, as I’m running out & I think I’ll need a lot for Summer In The City (221 days!).


I got 2 boxes of bath flower/petal things which I’ve wanted to try since I first saw them a while back. As well as a diamond shaped shimmery bath bomb and a set of colourful cupcake-shaped bath bombs which I love. From my friend Abbey I got some bath salts and a set of 6 different scented shower gels, sadly I don’t have pictures of any of this as I spent over an hour last night organising a lot of my bath stuff and also it got super dark really quick tonight so yeah.

I got some pyjamas and cosy socks (what’s Christmas without these?) which are so soft. Another thing which I was so so happy to get was these really cool hair curler things which my mum showed me a video of them being used ages ago; you basically put them in (as seen here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yJf2czv6M3E ) on wet hair and leave them in over night to get heat-less curls; I’ll be testing them in a few days so maybe I’ll do a review?

I was so happy when I opened my beauty/cosmetics organiser as I already have one, but it’s full with lip balms and hand sanitisers (I was obsessed) so now it will be a lot neater. Related to this, I was so so excited when I got a vanity case full of beauty stuff as I’ve wanted one for a while now & I was so shocked when I opened it to see so much exciting stuff! 0c1b94ef-69b0-4f37-94c1-224944a7bd82

The YouTube stuff I got was: a Thatcher Joe t-shirt from my friend Jess (I LOVE IT), the Joe & Caspar HTR USA 2017 Calendar which I can’t wait to start using, the sprinkle of glitter 2017 diary & from my brother the Zoella Spa in a Jar which I love! 3778698c-d20a-4951-8798-85611f57b8a2

Linking to YouTube, I got some Tanya Burr Cosmetics products which I honestly love so much. I had the advent calendar aswell which was like early Christmas presents & every thing in the was amazing. But on Christmas Day I got 2 of the Mrs Claus pink glitter nail polish sets (BEAUTIFUL),one of which from my friend Katie who also got me a Tanya burr lip gloss in Picnic in the park (very pretty shade). My mum (and my dad, but it’s mainly my mum who did the shopping) managed to get me the matte liquid lipstick in martha moo which I’ve literally wanted for the longest time, and a nail polish in the shade ‘bright and early’ – all of which I’m super excited to use! d09cfba3-cf27-4400-9c70-3e35757e88ad

I can’t really show this present, but it’s literally one of the best, I’M GOING TO THE LITTLE MIX GLORY DAYS TOUR IN NOVEMBER! I’ve previously seen them 4 times & met them at their book tour, so this was just amazing! I CAN’T WAIT!

I also got the Zoella lifestyle bag which came with the marble ‘topped with cream & sprinkles’ flask, the ombré pencil set & the ‘inspire’ keyring, and I love everything more than I can explain. 4645c1f2-ebea-472e-af33-0268591d3db6

I feel like I’m really rambling on, so sorry! I got a glue gun & extra glue things & some brush pens which I’m very happy with. As well as from another one of my best friends (who I’ve literally known since I was 1) Hannah, I got a Cadbury dairy milk chocolate, a keyring saying ‘keep calm and love cucumber’, a wooden spoon (all inside jokes), some grape scented pencils, ‘peeping Santa’ lush bubble bar & the Zoella ‘just crackers’. I literally love everything SO much, so thank you Hannah! Btw, I actually spend Christmas Day with Hannah (and I’m spending New Year with her as well, so that’s pretty cool). 5c730dcf-b833-4c0f-bf6e-b94e81fa16bb

And last, but DEFINITELY not least I got the Soap & Glory ‘the whole glam lot’ suitcase gift set, which I was so shocked and happy with when I opened as everything in it is amazing! b9d705b6-6ffd-4ba1-9e47-5b83ab96f0b0

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that got me something, wished me Merry Christmas or just generally made this year fantastic. I know next year will be even better (SUMMER IN THE CITY AHHHH) oh, I forgot to mention that Kimberley got Sitc tickets so I’m sooooo excited to meet her!! Anyways, if you’ve managed to read to here (literally no one) I hope you have a great night/day and yeah



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